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Control Alt Delete 8.0 : Revolutionizing the Indie Scene through Crowdfunding

‘Transparency’ is one word which defines Control Alt Delete and makes it what it is today! They’re back with their eighth edition and the enthusiasm surrounding it is overwhelming. CAD runs on a pay-what-you-want model wherein all profits at the gig are split equally among participating artists. Depending upon the contribution, fans get exclusive rewards – ranging from limited edition t-shirts

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New Features: Initiate Full Refunds, View Transactions in a Payout, Export Payouts

On Instamojo, everything that you need for managing payments is at your fingertips, so you can do what you want with your transactions, when you want it. Last week, we added three nifty features to your Dashboard that will allow you to, Initiate Full Refunds to your customers Export Payouts to a CSV file Export Transactions included

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7 Successful Women Entrepreneurs

The stereotyped image of a woman is always of an obedient daughter, loving wife, caring mother and an ideal homemaker. For decades women have tried to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives, where career was always pushed on the back burner. But women, in recent times, have gained spectacular success on the

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How Good Design Can Help Your Online Business?

When you have a small online business that targets mid to lower end consumers, your customers can tend to be price sensitive. How can we convert these “shoppers” into loyal customers? By providing them products and services they enjoy using. That make your customers feel smarter and efficient. And this is where design can help.

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