How Good Design Can Help Your Online Business?

by Namrata Kannan on April 27, 2015

When you have a small online business that targets mid to lower end consumers, your customers can tend to be price sensitive. How can we convert these “shoppers” into loyal customers? By providing them products and services they enjoy using. That make your customers feel smarter and efficient. And this is where design can help.

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In the interest of making this blog post efficient, I am about to oversimplify the different aspects of design but there are links to some articles provided in the footnote to help you learn more.

So here is a countdown of 3 ways design can help your business:

No.3 : How your product/service appears to your customer?

This ranges from branding to the aesthetics of your product. The importance of first impressions holds good even in the digital world. This aspect of design most people are familiar with; research [1] has shown that its takes only 50 milliseconds for people to form an opinion about the visual appeal of a webpage.

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6 Ways to Get More Sales From Existing Customers

by Anjali Jain on April 22, 2015

So, you just sold a product successfully, congratulations for that. But do you think your job is done? Well not really. In fact your job, to create that one successful sale into repeat sales to grow your business has just begun.

Converting Leads to Sales

We do a lot of things to grow our business, especially the sales and customer base. What we really need to do is, value our existing customers. Business owners mostly think about ways and means to acquire new customers and overlook the benefits of recurring or repeat customers. Repeat customers are the key to increase profitability of any small or big business. The source of many successful businesses is a steady and loyal repeat customer base. [click to continue…]

The idea of getting an opportunity sometime in the future, to tell the world about how you dropped out of college or quit a stable yet mundane job to pursue your dream and of becoming ridiculously successful sounds extremely romantic. However, people who have crossed over into the ‘will-do-anything-to-make-my-dream-come-true’ zone know that the reality is anything but romantic.


The actual task of starting your own business can be quite overwhelming. It throws quite a few challenges and testing circumstances which compel you to be prepared for the worst without turning into a pessimist. You will be allowed some mistakes along the way which would teach you invaluable lessons.

However, there is one unforgiving aspect that doesn’t allow you the liberty to make even one mistake without resulting in extremely dire consequences, some even leading to shutting down of business. That aspect is – legal. Micro-businesses are at a higher risk of committing some common legal mistakes that can put them at great risk. These are some common legal mistakes that every micro-business should avoid.

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Meta Refresh is a conference on the construction of the user experience on the web. This year’s edition spans two days – 16 & 17 April 2015. The conference feature a single track on both days. Instamojo is happy to be a sponsor of this event.


Meta Refresh is a conference for working web designers and developers to present on how their own work has advanced the state of the web in the past year. You are expected to present original work that your peers — this event’s audience — recognise as being notable enough to deserve a stage.

Last year’s edition was about the need for frontend engineers to exchange skills with designers, as well as automating frontend workflows. The emphasis was on making web engineering a two-way interaction between designers and engineers, and getting them out of their comfort zones.

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10 Tips to Take Your Business to The Next Level

by Anjali Jain on April 14, 2015

As it is popularly said ‘There is always room for improvement.’ We all know that there is something new to be learned all the time. There are plenty of fresh ideas waiting to be explored out there. You just have to make a little improvement, and then a little more, and keep reaching higher and higher. Same rule applies to most businesses.

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As a business owner, you are probably aware of where your business could improve. Sometimes business owners want to improve their business, but are not sure how to start the process. Even if you are a one-person operation or hundred employee company; name of the game is improvement.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” These quick pointers should help you ‘up your game’ and get good gains.

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Working with startup companies are fun, challenging and rewarding at the same time. If you’ve ever wanted to work in a startup but didn’t know where to get started, this article is for you.

Back view of businessman with suitcase looking at city

The methods explained in this post may not help you get hired right away. But it will surely put you in a very strong position to be the front-running candidate to get hired at your favorite startup.

Identify Your Core Skill in 3 Words

First things first, identify your core skill and put it in 3 words maximum. Be specific here. Don’t make this something like a “Problem Solver”, “Marketing Rockstar”, “Fast Learner”, “Hard core coder” and such. These have no meaning and trust me, we get such resumes everyday – Insta-reject.

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Do You Have What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur?

by Anjali Jain on April 10, 2015

According to the dictionary an Entrepreneur is a person who ‘develops a business plan, acquires the human and other required resources, and is fully responsible for its success or failure’ and Entrepreneurship is ‘the process of starting a business or other organization.’

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What makes an Entrepreneur? How do you know if you are one? Apart from a sprint down to your local quick-print store, printing out 1,000 entrepreneur business cards, what makes someone an entrepreneur?

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The business world has had to adapt to numerous changes over the years. Gone are the days when word-of-mouth and advertisements in newspapers or magazines were enough to provide the required exposure amidst the consumers. Print ads were soon followed by a well-detailed company website, thanks to the dot com boom. Unfortunately, even that fell short.

Start Up Corporate Identity

Businesses have to go a step further to ensure that they get considerable visibility in what is today a cluttered market. This is all the more so when it is a micro-business. Having an attractive website and publishing the company’s contact details was adequate until a few years ago. In current times though, you have to ensure that your micro-business is present in two places at once: physically -in the form of a brick and mortar office space, and virtually – within the blue screens of numerous laptops and smart devices.

Few might argue saying that many businesses operate just fine without dedicating efforts towards building a strong online presence. Either they don’t want to step out of the dark ages or they don’t really wish to see their company grow. If the importance of an online presence is still questioned, the following reasons should eliminate all doubts:

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Even the mightiest oak tree that stands proudly started as a tiny seed. A lot of challenges could have been thrown at the seed such as extreme climatic factors but how it responded to that defined its course of life. It required nourishment along with its instincts of growing. The lesson imparted here in a subtle manner by the nature is that you will be showered with challenges and you need to overcome it. This lesson should be incorporated into our daily lives, personally and professionally.

Web And Seo Analytics Concept

Just starting on a journey doesn’t mean that you will end it on a positive note. Along with the fighting spirit, every living thing, idea or a business needs nourishment and care along the way to make it big.

If you are a start-up founder or an owner of a small business, you will quickly realize that enthusiasm and optimism will only get you so far. The nourishment that your business would require comes through the customers. As a business owner if you don’t have customers or if you cannot convert the potential customers, you can see your company fading into oblivion. Of course you wouldn’t want that.

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Have you heard of microenterprises and micro-entrepreneurs? It could be a vegetable vendor selling his greens or that techie kid trying his hand at making a new smart phone app, a tiffin service or a day care in the neighbourhood. Take a look around, and you will see them everywhere. What exactly is a Microenterprise? And why are so many people attracted towards microenterprises?

A microenterprise can essentially be defined as a small business with five or fewer employees. Microenterprises are an enriching platform for individuals to apply and showcase their talent, creativity, hard work to carve out a niche for themselves.

In today’s terms micro-entrepreneurs are people who have limited resources to start a business and wish to make money on their own terms without following orders of a formal work hierarchy. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can start a microenterprise without much manpower or capital investment.

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