Switch Idea uses Instamojo to accept online payments for NTAT

Guest Post by – Niranjan Yadav, Co-Founder & CEO of Switch Idea

The web has changed everything about how businesses and people work. In our opinion, it has made it much better. No business can now truthfully say that they don’t depend on the internet for anything. The internet is now part and parcel of the professional experience. We believe in the positive way in which the web can make business processes simpler and people more accountable.

Switch Idea is a website which focuses on connecting students to companies so that they can discover the best internships and entry level jobs in a hassle free manner. We have said earlier how the internet has transformed business but we still feel that there is lot of work to be done yet. We have chosen to focus on small aspect of the recruiting industry i.e internships and entry level jobs. There is a reason for that. As students and fresh graduates, we felt that there were not enough opportunities for students to connect with companies. Jobs depended more on which college you graduated from rather than how good you were at your particular field. We started thinking about how could we best use technology to solve this problem? The result was Switch Idea and we have been building it for 6 months now. We recently revamped the whole website and made it much easier to use. You should check it out here.

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Instamojo.com Raises Series A From Kalaari Capital To Democratize Payments

We have some news for you today, and we are very excited about it. Even more so, we are super excited to share this moment with you & congratulate you as well.

We have raised our Series A funding from Kalaari Capital to build our vision of democratizing payments for everyone viz, individuals, micro-merchants, infopreneurs, freelancers, SMBs etc with our innovative link-based payments platform. Our previous investors like Blume Ventures, US-based 500Startups and others have also participated in this round.


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[Announcement] Embed Instamojo Payment Button on your Website

One of the reasons Instamojo makes selling and collecting payments simple for you is that you don’t need to do any setup or integration. In fact, you don’t even need a website at all. We have many who collect payments by simply sharing links over email, social media, messaging services like Whatsapp etc.

Having said that, Instamojo works beautifully even if you have a website. In fact, collecting payments from your website itself is simpler than ever before.

We have released Instamojo Payment Button. For each link that you create, you are provided with a 1-line of code that you can paste anywhere on your website. And this code becomes a button, which lets you collect payments from there.Instamojo Remote Checkout Button Continue reading

Now Refer users and Earn Credits

All you lovely folks out there, your support has been tremendous for us. Not only have you helped us understand the potential of what we’re doing, but you have passed on the Instamojo word to your near ones which has helped us grow.

Knowing that there are so many out there is one of the things that keep us going. Now we want to make this easier for you, and reward you for referring your near and dear ones to Instamojo.

We are launching the Instamojo Referral System.

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[Announcement] Introducing Instamojo Appstore & More

We at Instamojo, at the core are rethinking payments & commerce from a fresh perspective. We often ask ourselves,

  • What if we can bring the simplicity of card payments to the world of non-tech people? Achievement unlocked.
  • What if we marry design with commerce for a better outcome on conversion? Achievement unlocked.
  • How about rethinking P2P commerce based on design, fulfillment & distribution? Achievement unlocked.

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Why Should You Collect Payments Online?

One of the most important considerations that a merchant makes while evaluating online payment options is how they compare against offline payment options- such as cash and cheques, or online payment options that were not build with merchant payments in mind- such as NEFT. Merchants who are not accepting online payments might just be losing out on a large number of potential sales and may actually be paying larger fees in aggregate while accepting only offline payments.
Thought I’d  list out all the tangible benefits in accepting payments online:

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SmsIndiahub.in uses Instamojo to Collect Online Payments


Smsindiahub.in is a doyen organisation in the mason of Digital Marketing World. It is one of the largest Bulk SMS Service Provider in India since 2008 company has consolidated its presence in the SMS Industry and have been providing quality services to the Customers.

We spoke to Sundeep Rajput from Smsindiahub.in about how Instamojo has enabled him to collect online payments and streamline his payment collection process. This is what he had to say

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Instamojo Tips: Use Variants to keep it simple

Instamojo lets you sell anything with just a link. So irrespective of which product or service that you have to collect payments for, you just have to create a link and embed it on your website or share on your social channels.

Does that mean I have to create a link for each of your products?

No. You can make a single link for different products, or different product options.

Even if they have different prices?

Of course! There are many ways to do that. One of them is using Variants.

Variants are ideal when you want to manage it with a single link. The advantage of using variants is that your customer has the option to choose what he wants, and it is straightforward to setup.

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365 Days at Instamojo

It’s been more than a year since I joined the gang of badasses at Instamojo. During this one year, Instamojo has come from a being a product-in-making to a product-in-evolution.

We’ve come from being an MVP to an evolving product used by thousands of people to collect payments online. These persons are from different worlds-they are freelancers, consultants, musicians, craftsmen, teachers, startups, local brands, film festivals, event organisers, media houses, publishers, and many more. Continue reading