Priorities in a fast moving startup

This is not exactly a technical discussion, but is closely related to how we developed and continue to work on Instamojo. We started Instamojo two years ago, in 2012. The constraints we had, as the only two software developers in a band of four people, were vastly different than ones we have now. 

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Ashtavinayak uses Instamojo to collect payments online for their package tours. 
Ashtavinayak organises package tours for Ganesha devotees from Mumbai and Pune.
We spoke to Sejal Padhye (Owner of Ashtavinayak Dot Net) to talk about her experience with
Instamojo. She shared her views and gave us valuable product feedback. 


How did you find out about Instamojo ?

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Why A Simplified Payment Solution Is A Big Boost

When I started online retail in 2002, payment gateways were few and paying online using a card was rare. I remember ordering my college bag for Rs 199 on COD and using FabMart to order a Fanta bottle on Cheque-On-Delivery terms. You could imagine the kind of investment e-commerce players used to envision in the pre-payments revolution.


Fast forward to 2014, we are in an economy that is moving online fast. While you can accuse me of betting against online payments / shopping with PriceBaba, fact remains that both offline & online medium would exist powerfully. Continue reading

Instamojo helps Adister ease their payment processes

We had a quick chat with the Adister team to understand how Instamojo enables them to accept payments online. Shubham Agarwal shares his experience here:


”I really thank Instamojo for their excellent service & intuitive user interface”- Shubham Agrawal, Co-Founder Adister

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Introducing Physical Goods

We had been flurried with requests by you for collecting payments for physical goods on our platform. Up until now, you could do it with some hacks and it was not very convenient. We thank you for bearing with us until we could build this feature.

You can now collect payments for your physical goods on Instamojo by just choosing “Create a Link” and then selecting the option to sell Physical Goods.



Everything else is just as simple and as wonderful as you have come to expect from us. This is just the start, we are coming up with more stuff that eases selling such goods for you. Watch this space!

My first day @ Instamojo

After 15 days in Sikkim, I was back to civilisation and was all excited to start working @ Instamojo

I was anxious about my first day at work. I had that feeling in my stomach which was trying to unsettle me. I woke up at 8 am and was all set to leave for office by 9:30. But to my dismay I ended up boarding a wrong bus which ensured that I reached office only by 11 am.

I was relieved when I saw that there were only 3 people in office by then apart from me. And here I was trying hard not to get late on the first day at work. 

After settling down, I got my email account setup along with some of the other services which I may need, to do my work on a daily basis and slowly in no time the office was buzzing with the Monday morning nuances.

I started exploring the product and was trying to spend time with each team member to understand what they do. The product is quite intuitive and simple.

Instamojo is a payment platform which enables people to accept payments by providing a link which they can use on Facebook, Twitter or on their websites. You can accept online payment for goods sold or services rendered with out any hassle or need to setup.

Simple is what I guess defines what we do at Instamojo. We don’t like complicated.

It was almost lunch time and we went out to eat some dosas and watermelon juice and were discussing work during our lunch time. I then went through the entire support forum trying to understand the product better and then moved on to support tickets to understand what issues customers face on a daily basis.

It was time for the evening chai and I must say we get nice chai just around the corner of our office building. After the chai break we again got back to work and I began discussing what I will be doing the next day.

I am all excited and want to settle down as fast as possible. Work seems fun here and I hope it stays that way…….

-  Ruchir Kanakia