is a Mumbai based startup founded by Harshit Jain and Piyush Bothra. With, you can order healthy and tasty food that will be delivered at the station of your choice while you are travelling in a train.

The food is served with leak proof packaging & a pre-packed cutlery set to give you the best possible meal experience. As a gesture of their commitment to customer service, they guarantee delivery with a money back promise of up to 200%. uses to receive payments online and we had the chance to ask Piyush, a few interesting questions.

Instamojo: What is the story behind

Piyush: The inspiration for came from our own experience. Both of us have had long train journeys in the past where we had to travel from our place of work to our native places. The biggest problem and challenge we faced during travel was the non-availability of good food.

There were very limited options and the availability of healthy food was not a choice. You would have experienced this yourself during train journeys in India. When we decided to become entrepreneurs, the choice was obvious. We knew that a problem existed and we decided to build an organized and seamless solution for this problem.

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Rentomojo is an online furniture rental company started by IIT graduates. With Rentomojo, one can rent all the required furniture for the house for as low as Rs.1,500 per month.


The minimum rental period for furnitures is 6 months. If you are moving to a new city for a short period, Rentomojo will be a God-send for you. As of now, Rentomojo provides services only in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane, but they will be expanding to other cities soon.

Rentomojo uses to receive payments online. We had a chance to ask Geetansh Bamania, the CEO and Founder of Rentomojo a few interesting questions.

What is the Story Behind

10720f7Geetansh: We all have relocated within the cities in the past four years and were consumers to rental space ourselves. We all felt the need to rent out home essentials either when relocating or starting up a venture.

When we got a basic understanding of the economics involved in this business and understood the inefficiencies in the rental ecosystem, we all jumped in.

Why Did You Choose to Use to Solve Your Payment Needs?

The biggest reason to go for Instamojo is the startup vibe and the energy which you won’t find in any of the traditional players. There was a issue cropping up on the first day and we could reach out to someone to fix it.

Customer service after purchase is what orgs neglect all the time and this is where most of the disruptions will come in. And of course it was damn easy to set up and use it with the prototype with no upfront fee.

Are You Happy with Our New Daily Payout Structure?

The daily payouts are helpful to keep our books clean on a daily basis which is the backbone for any company.

Why and How did You Name Your Startup

Kid you not. The name was there in my head when we named us. But frankly, we are set out to fill that void in your life and give you that instant happiness which you get from owning a lifestyle at an affordable cost which is what the identity represents.

How Does Instamojo’s API Help You?

Instamojo payment API will be useful as we will be passing the parameters to only one link.

What Improvements Would You Like to See in in the Near Future?

With scale the only thing that matters with the payment gateway is the transaction fee which Instamojo will have to keep competitive.

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Get Payouts to Your Bank Account Everyday from!

by Deepak Kanakaraju on February 13, 2015

Instamojo has always been committed to help you manage and grow your business. In line with that, we are glad to announce we will now make daily payouts to all users collect payments using our platform.

Payouts will be processed every business day, and you will receive within 3 days of any transaction. 

For example, if you receive payments to your Instamojo account on a Monday, the payout to your bank account will be processed on the following Thursday.


Please note that payouts to bank accounts are processed only on business days and not weekends.

I hope you are excited about out new payout structure. We would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below!

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Video: How to Create a Payment Link with

by Deepak Kanakaraju on February 13, 2015

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein

And while our support team loves chatting with you, we though we’d make their lives a wee bit easier with this video tutorial:

In two minutes you’ll see how to create a payment link on Instamojo, the different types of payment links out there and what you need to get started.

Tell your friends, neighbours, ajji, Collecting payments online was never this easy. And of course, drop in a comment to tell us what you thought of the video!

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bulkmailOnce a customer pays you money and buys something from you, it doesn’t end there. If you are selling a product or a service, staying in touch with your customers is very important. It involves getting feedback about your products, ensuring customer success, understanding their needs and perhaps selling to them again.

According to the book Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance by Paul W. Farris, it is 50% easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new customer. is committed to making life easier for sellers and merchants by taking care of the technology so that you can take care of your customers. The best way to stay in touch with your customers via email would be to use Instamojo’s Bulk Email System.

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Let me start by wishing you all a very happy new year and may year 2015 brings you all the deserved happiness in the world.

I want to take this moment to reflect 2014 for all of us. In 2014, we have seen lot of ups & fair bit of downs — but all in all, it’s been a very successful year for us. We have keen constantly at work to delight you and bring new features & releases that brings more opportunities for you & your business’ growth while stabilizing old feature-sets for a profitable outcome.

So without further ado, let me put some statistics, facts & numbers of 2014 which I believe would help you understand what worked & what didn’t for you — but most importantly how you can get more smarter, diligent & relevant for your customers in 2015 with

1. Organic search is important & relevant – both in terms of visibility & sales transactions. Here’s one pie-chart depicting the trend for 2014.

Instamojo Search Contribution in Volume Sales in 2014 - INDIA

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Would you like to extend your reach and sell more of your products and services through

Dumb question! Sorry! Everyone would like to have more sales! That is a simple question, but the answer is also very simple!

Affiliate System!

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting other’s products and services for a commission. There are thousands, if not lakhs of entrepreneurs and businesses who are ready to promote other’s products and services for a commission. This is called affiliate marketing.

To let affiliate marketers promote your product as an affiliate, you need a system to track the sales and reward your affiliates. Usually developing such a system costs a LOT of time and money. But since you collect payments using, you need not worry about it!

At we have a Merchant Affiliate System which you can activate from the App Store. (News! Merchant Affiliate System is free for All Users! No strings attached!)

All you need to do is visit the App Store from your Instamojo dashboard and get the Merchant Affiliate System App for Free.

affiliate system

Once you activate the merchant affiliate system you will see the Affiliates option for each link that you have created.

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Get SMS Notification Every Time You Make a Sale on

by Deepak Kanakaraju on December 25, 2014

At we strive to make selling online as easy as possible. Part of the selling experience includes getting notified immediately after you make a sale. This helps you know when your marketing campaign has worked and enables you serve your customers immediately after the sale happens. That’s why apart from email notifications, we are introducing SMS Notifications. The SMS Notification app is located on our App Store.


You can subscribe to this app anytime and It costs 30 credits a month. Once you subscribe to it, you will receive SMS notifications to your registered mobile phone every time you make a sale. Now you can be notified of new transactions even when you are not connected to the internet.

Here’s how the SMS would look like:


We made sure that we included the buyer’s phone number on the notification – this helps you contact your customers immediately, if required.

I hope you like this feature. Try it today at the Instamojo App Store. You may be lucky enough to have some credits in your app store already. If not you can buy credits.

You can also invite your friends to and get free credits. You will get 10 credits on Sign-up, 30 credits on Verification, 100 credits on their first sale!

If you have any feedback or comments about the SMS notification app, leave a comment below. We love to hear from you!

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Guest Post by – Niranjan Yadav, Co-Founder & CEO of Switch Idea

The web has changed everything about how businesses and people work. In our opinion, it has made it much better. No business can now truthfully say that they don’t depend on the internet for anything. The internet is now part and parcel of the professional experience. We believe in the positive way in which the web can make business processes simpler and people more accountable.

Switch Idea is a website which focuses on connecting students to companies so that they can discover the best internships and entry level jobs in a hassle free manner. We have said earlier how the internet has transformed business but we still feel that there is lot of work to be done yet. We have chosen to focus on small aspect of the recruiting industry i.e internships and entry level jobs. There is a reason for that. As students and fresh graduates, we felt that there were not enough opportunities for students to connect with companies. Jobs depended more on which college you graduated from rather than how good you were at your particular field. We started thinking about how could we best use technology to solve this problem? The result was Switch Idea and we have been building it for 6 months now. We recently revamped the whole website and made it much easier to use. You should check it out here.

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We have some news for you today, and we are very excited about it. Even more so, we are super excited to share this moment with you & congratulate you as well.

We have raised our Series A funding from Kalaari Capital to build our vision of democratizing payments for everyone viz, individuals, micro-merchants, infopreneurs, freelancers, SMBs etc with our innovative link-based payments platform. Our previous investors like Blume Ventures, US-based 500Startups and others have also participated in this round.


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