Why Should You Collect Payments Online?

One of the most important considerations that a merchant makes while evaluating online payment options is how they compare against offline payment options- such as cash and cheques, or online payment options that were not build with merchant payments in mind- such as NEFT. Merchants who are not accepting online payments might just be losing out on a large number of potential sales and may actually be paying larger fees in aggregate while accepting only offline payments.
Thought I’d  list out all the tangible benefits in accepting payments online:

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SmsIndiahub.in uses Instamojo to Collect Online Payments

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 7.30.22 pm

Smsindiahub.in is a doyen organisation in the mason of Digital Marketing World. It is one of the largest Bulk SMS Service Provider in India since 2008 company has consolidated its presence in the SMS Industry and have been providing quality services to the Customers.

We spoke to Sundeep Rajput from Smsindiahub.in about how Instamojo has enabled him to collect online payments and streamline his payment collection process. This is what he had to say

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Instamojo Tips: Use Variants to keep it simple

Instamojo lets you sell anything with just a link. So irrespective of which product or service that you have to collect payments for, you just have to create a link and embed it on your website or share on your social channels.

Does that mean I have to create a link for each of your products?

No. You can make a single link for different products, or different product options.

Even if they have different prices?

Of course! There are many ways to do that. One of them is using Variants.

Variants are ideal when you want to manage it with a single link. The advantage of using variants is that your customer has the option to choose what he wants, and it is straightforward to setup.

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365 Days at Instamojo

It’s been more than a year since I joined the gang of badasses at Instamojo. During this one year, Instamojo has come from a being a product-in-making to a product-in-evolution.

We’ve come from being an MVP to an evolving product used by thousands of people to collect payments online. These persons are from different worlds-they are freelancers, consultants, musicians, craftsmen, teachers, startups, local brands, film festivals, event organisers, media houses, publishers, and many more. Continue reading

Instamojo for Product Sales on Social Channels

Recently, we launched Physical goods option for product sellers to collect payments simply from their customers.

All you have to do is to follow these steps to get started with the same.

1. Login to your Instamojo Dashboard and ‘Create a link’.

2. If you have limited number of products (SKU’s), you can simply create individual link for each product and add them on your website. Just have a look at Yummy Chocos and Desi Hangover doing the same on their websites.

3. If the number of products to be sold is higher, you can simply create one single payment link for your brand with the pay what you want option. Pret Collections and Online Beauty Store are collecting payments for their wide product range in a similar manner.

4. You can customize the URL of your Payment Id and share it with your customers for instant payment collection on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email, SMS & your website too.

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Technology – Performance Journey at Instamojo

Ask any engineer and he’d agree: With growth, comes performance & scale challenges. Instamojo is no different. At the rate we are growing, we did face more than hiccups over time.

December 2013:
Our only source of knowing the performance is Google Analytics for page load time. A average load time of 18s is not good at all. We believed it is time we include performance into our core priorities. The first basic rule of performance – Measure, and New Relic fits our bill perfectly with our stack.

At this time, our average server response time is approximately 370ms, but with many outliers crossing 30sec. The next 2 months, we fine-tuned our integration with New Relic to identify proper bottlenecks whenever and wherever we can.

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Instamojo partners with Gurgaon Shopping Guide

instamojo banner

Gurgaonshoppinguide is a small community of entrepreneurs on Facebook. The objective is to empower entrepreneurs especially women, who after leaving their jobs for various reasons, could find an opportunity of fulfilling their dreams of being budding entrepreneurs and simultaneously taking caring of their families. Facebook to say, as being their new lifeline.

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How Instamojo is much more than a Payment Collection Platform

simplifying-online-payments “Your Simplified Payment Collection Platform” That’s the one line you might have heard from my team mates especially our sales team. Yes, that’s what we intend to do- “Simplifying Online Payments” Continue reading

Saralgyan.in uses Instamojo to collect online payments

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 5.08.23 pm
We spoke to Ravi S from Saralgyan.in to see how Instamojo enabled them to collect payments from their customers instantly and without any hassles.

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