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It's no secret that the process of making a sale for your company gets frustrating at times. If you're new to sales, here are

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If you have an online or a brick-and-mortar business, listing it on Google is the first thing you should do! Many businesse

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It's not news that more than 7 crore active users in India have adapted to one communication channel now: WhatsApp. People ha

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In a previous post, we'd written about using MailChimp for sending out promotional emails and newsletters to your clients. W

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Introducing Instamojo as a Platform

Do Big Business with our 100,000+ Small Businesses Running a small business in India is not easy. Behind every success there are tale

Instamojo Tips: Close Sales Instantly This Month-End

According to a recent report on online shopping patterns, re-marketing can lead to a 4%+ sales uplift. The deeper question t

5 Lessons for Early Stage Startups

It’s taken us three and a half years to build what Instamojo is today, and we’ve just about started. Aiding us with this